A 22° halo is an optical phenomenon forming a circle with a radius of 22° around the Sun or the Moon as seen here around a full moon in Palau.

Working on the high speed dive boats everyday, you and your gear are exposed to harsh sun, salt water, strong winds and pelting down pouring rain. In 2010, while heading to Palau to start my adventure as a dive guide and instructor I purchased an expensive leading brand rain jacket to use on the boats. Within two weeks this jacket started to fall apart, leak and it would also cling to the skin providing very little warmth. It became clear that neoprene was a more suitable material for a jacket that was going to survive the elements and hard rains of Palau. Combining my experience in the fashion and diving industry, the 22 Degrees Ocean Jacket was designed with these conditions into consideration. I made the jacket to meet our needs as professional dive guides. 

The crew at Unique Dive Expeditions and I have rigorously tested the jacket prototypes in daily use on the boat. Now we never leave the dock without one. For those sudden squalls, or the days when it just won’t let up, it feels great to have our jackets to throw on and warm up. We have used the jackets for before and after diving, and it’s especially great for after night dives.  The jackets have caught the attention and respect of serious divers, underwater photographers, film makers, and marine biologists – people who spend their life on the ocean. 

22 Degrees produces quality products for people who live and work on the ocean. And as a diver, photographer  and ocean lover, I am committed to making promoting and championing ocean conservation and awareness efforts. I have taken the modest first step by registering 22 Degrees with 1% for the Planet and donate  1% of annual profits towards environmental conservation efforts through their program. In addition, our brand ambassadors are involved in amazing work in the areas of marine research, conservation and awareness. They represent the spirit of 22 Degrees – the passion for the ocean. 

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Rick Miskiv

Owner / Founder / Designer

22 Degrees