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22º Brand Ambassador Noel Guevara wearing his ocean jacket on photo assignment. 

22º Brand Ambassador Noel Guevara wearing his ocean jacket on photo assignment. 

The 22 DEGREES jacket is designed to keep you warm and dry while out on the ocean or caught in the rain. designed by Rick Miskiv while working as a divemaster in Palau, the jacket has become a staple among renowned underwater photographers, marine biologists, shark researchers and more. 22 DEGREES is excited to announce the new version of our jacket will be produced using a BlueSign certified factory process that reduces CO2 footprint using recycled neoprene and old tires. Pre-order and save!

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The 22 DEGREES Ocean Jacket

Divemaster and designer, Rick Miskiv started 22 DEGREES while working in Palau and developed a hooded neoprene ocean jacket. Launched in January 2014, 22 DEGREES has made multiple iterations of it's popular jacket improving on the design each time. This campaign offers an opportunity for individuals to pre-order the latest and best version of the jacket at a significant discount and help support the introduction of more environmentally responsible production process. 



About 22 DEGREES - The Early Days in Palau

Working on the high speed dive boats everyday, you and your gear are exposed to harsh sun, salt water, strong winds and pelting down pouring rain. In 2010, while heading to Palau to start an adventure as a dive guide and instructor, 22 DEGREES founder Rick Miskiv, purchased an expensive leading brand rain jacket to use on the boats. Within two weeks this jacket started to fall apart, leak and it would also cling to the skin providing very little warmth. It became clear that neoprene was a more suitable material for a jacket that was going to survive the elements and hard rains of Palau. Combining experience in the fashion and diving industry, the 22 Degrees Ocean Jacket was designed with these conditions into consideration. The jacket was designed to meet the needs of professional dive guides and underwater photographers.

Reduced Carbon Footprint with Recycled Materials

22 DEGREES is excited to announce our new prototype jacket that utilizes more environmentally responsible production processes. The jacket will be produced by an industry leader in wetsuit manufacturing and the BlueSign certified factory process reduces CO2 footprint, while using water based glues, recycled neoprene and old tires. In Palau, Rick used to walk by a pile of tires in the landfill on his way home everyday, it made an impression on him about how we impact nature. This is a modest step forward but hopefully each small step towards making more responsible products has a positive ripple effect collectively. 22 DEGREES is also a member company of 1% for the Planet, and donates 1% of annual profits to conservation efforts. In addition, all of our products ship in recycled packing goods by EcoEnclose

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Ambassadors and Testimonials

22 DEGREES is proud to have an amazing and talented crew of brand ambassadors who have been selected for their positive contributions to protection and awareness of the ocean.  The crew includes professional underwater photographers, videographers, marine research scientists, marine conservationists and more.   For a complete list of names and bios please visit our website: 22 DEGREES Ambassadors

Other people that own and use our jackets include illustrious names and some of our heroes such as:  Brian Skerry, and David Doubilet.

"I never leave the dock without it! There's no substitute." - Jesse Alpert, Divemaster and Underwater Photographer, Palau

"After seeing these jackets in use by the crew when diving in Palau I decided to buy a couple for me and my wife for our planned trip to Tonga. We just got back and I have to say the jackets were just what we needed. They could be worn over our clothes or directly over our wetsuits when just coming out of the water and we needed to stay warm. They are also light weight and take up little space in luggage. I highly recommend these jackets!" - Andy Deitsch , Underwater Photographer

"Every diver should have a 22 Degrees jacket as part of their mandatory dive gear..I have watched Rick and his company grow from the beginning and it's been a privilege to see the product in all its glory today . This jacket is perfect for before and after diving when the weather can change suddenly, rain can come from literally nowhere and you have a long boat ride back home, these jackets keep you warm and dry. A must for all you divers out there!" - Richard Barnden, Co-Founder at Unique Dive Expeditions / Underwater Photographers, Palau

"Love my 22 Degrees jacket! Together with my camera setup, it's one of those thing i always secure first especially when im out on explo mode. It's not only fashionable but keeps me warm and game for every dive." - Ram Yoro, Underwater Photographer, Philippines

"We usually use this jacket in very harsh/cold conditions. Fall and winter months in Baja (La Paz, Los Cabos & Magbay) get quite chilly and we usually spend 6-8 hours in the open ocean looking for pelagic life. During our time out in the pangas we get constantly splashed by cold water and then drilled down by northern winds. After trying all sorts of jackets ("waterproof" jackets, ski jackets, marine jackets), we finally came across the ideal product for our Pelagic Safaris. These jackets keep you warm, practically dry and are made for hard use in the ocean. Today we can't imagine going out looking for marlins, whales, sharks or any kind of life in the open ocean without a 22 degrees jacket. Truly a must have product if you are in the ocean for long periods, with cold and you want this jacket to last." - Jero Prieto, Filmmaker & Expedition Leader, Pelagic Life



Ocean Jacket Details and Specs

  • 2.5 mm Smooth Skin Eco Neoprene
  • YKK Aquaguard water resistant zipper
  • Blind stitched seams for maximum water seal
  • Two large pouch pockets on the inside
  • Drawstrings on hood and waistline hem
  • Fast drying / Easy care